Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Do This Thing!

2013 already?!  I feel like I was just sitting down thinking about the new year of 2012 stretching before me.

Last year, for the first time, I chose a word that I was going to use to define my year- the word was COURAGE. Did I live up to my word?  Not as much as I envisioned. I did start to listen to myself and my needs more.  I stopped (this is a major work in progress) comparing myself to others and am learning to be OK with my imperfect self.  I make mistakes- daily.  I would say that is what makes me human.

 My heart is to live simply, creatively, and joyfully all with some sprinkling of quiet that my soul craves daily. 
I have started this blog, Simply Joyful Living as a journal and an experiment. It's one thing to have a desire to live simply, to nurture creativity, and to seek out joy.  It's quite another to have some accountability.  This blog will help hold me accountable and keep me focused on this journey.

My word for 2013 is BALANCE.  I struggle with balance in my daily life.  I'm a homeschooling mother of 3, recovering perfectionist, distracted by technology kind of gal, with some procrastination thrown in to keep things really exciting around here.  My goal is to wrestle this busy, distracted, unfocused bull to the ground and focus on living in the sweet victory of peace, creativity, and joy. 

It's time to conquer busyness and life life abundantly.

How will adding a blog to my already full days accomplish the task of Simply Joyful Living?  That's where the experiment comes into play.  I hit the big-40 this past year and have been struggling with the fact that, after 40 years, I still haven't really pursued the writing that I loved years ago.  I let responsibilities weigh me down and had forgotten the desire of my younger self. Over the past 4 years I have dabbled in blogging and writing but nothing has been consistent.  Then, Jeff Goins entered my world (through Joshua Becker - another awesome guy shaping the way I focus my life).  Jeff told me that I am a writer (you can get his manifesto here).  The longer I read his blog, the more I believed him. But, believing in something can only get you so far. 

It's time to walk my talk.

My goal as a parent (homeschooling or not), is for my kids to be lifelong learners.  I want them to have the desire and realization that a life well lived is about constant learning and  change. To be content with life and to accept who they are, but to always be working towards a better life and a better world.  How can I really teach them my heart's desire if I don't live it?  I want to be an example to my kids.  It won't be easy- worthwhile endeavors rarely are.

BALANCE. Living simply, joyfully, creatively.  Fighting the busyness and distractions in our constantly moving world to savor the joy we all have within reach.  Is anyone with me?
What's your word for 2013?


  1. Congratulations on getting your first post out for the world to see. What a step of courage. Well done.

    I'm also taking the Jeff Goins course, so I look forward to running into your writing both here and over there again. Best wishes with your new blog, Cheri. You're off to a terrific start.

    1. Thanks, Lori! I need all the encouragment I can get :) I feel we're kindred spirits- I need more of that!

    2. Yes, Cheri. I see from your bio that we have much in common, except I am ahead of you on life's journey. I used to homeschool but my girls are 23 and 20 now :)

    3. And you made it to the other side!! There are long days but I try to soak it all in. Homeschooling is not the easiest path but I do think I've grown more as a person because of it. Thanks :)

  2. Good for you, Cheri. I'm at Tribewriter too, and excited about sharing this journey.
    Write ON.

    1. Thanks, Susan! Tribewriter is changing how I view the world. I am loving it. Looking forward to seeing you around the Tribe :)

  3. Hi Cheri-

    First post+ YOU= Awesome! I am a fellow tribewriter and woot- we in some ways see the world similarly . I have a deep desire to live a simple and uncomplicated life for more reasons than I have space here..if you have an opportunity- check out my blog- the address for the site is
    the name of the blog is The Sound of Paper.

    I was so excited to see what you had written. I have so much to learn and it is great to find another tribemember who also carries a part of my heart!
    Blessings- keep going my friend

  4. Thanks Nancy! These words of encouragment are not taken lightly. I truly appreciate them. I checked out your blog and I love how similar we are! Sometimes I feel a bit lonely on this journey- it's nice to see others seeking the same path. It looks like you are Smitten with the Mitten too?

  5. Where did my post go? Sorry if this shows up twice.

    Yay! I'm proud of you, keep it coming!